Peace. Space.

HUUS soundproof booth brings happiness to your teams and space to your office

Make your team happy and healthy

Increase the well-being of your team with ergonomically designed rooms for (hybrid) meetings, focused work or virtual calls. The HUUS speakers reduce noise by 29 dB. This means your team can concentrate on what’s important.

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Ensure privacy with HUUS One

Set up the HUUS One in one hour. Simply move them to suit your needs. Endless possibilities - personalize your box inside and out.

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Create new meeting rooms with HUUS Meet

Upgrade your office with a new meeting room for up to 4 people. The ideal place for one-on-one conversations, virtual meetings, podcasts - whatever you want.

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In our coworking space, colleagues are constantly on the phone. HUUS has significantly improved the mood - simply in an unused corner.

– Goran Buvac, Head of Business Development, Code Control

Quiet for conversation. Room for focus.

Carefully developed features with complete ease of use for everyone. Minimalist design. Countless possibilities.


Soundproofing layers made of MDF boards, foam and wool felt

Laminated glass door (8mm)


4 roof fans with strong air circulation.

Cleanable airflow duct


Power, USB and LAN port.

Conveniently placed ports for easy access.


Optimally placed LED lighting.

Dimmer available as an add-on.


Color of the box can be selected from the RAL palette.

Further customization of interior details available.


HUUS One can be set up in an hour with the help of 2-3 people

No electrician, just plug in power cord


Soundproof box - HUUS One

€3.695,00 (€4.397,05 inkl. USt)

Think outside the box. Talk inside.

The HUUS Box offers complete comfort: soundproof, ventilated, connected, powered, well lit and adaptable to different sizes and usage styles (ideal for standing and sitting).

Fast delivery. Free trial. 2 year guarantee.


Soundproof meeting box - HUUS Meet

€11.900,00 (€14.161,00 inkl. USt)

HUUS Meet is ideal for team meetings, one-on-one conversations or hybrid video calls. Comfortable seating setup or dynamic standing meeting thanks to the spacious and clever design. With the upgrade to Pro, the box becomes the ideal virtual meeting room thanks to the best video conferencing technology.

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Less noise. Added value.

Redesign workspaces and maximize collaboration. Use free areas with HUUS as a space for concentration and calls.

What our customers say

We were particularly impressed by the high quality of sound insulation and comfort. The fact that you can either sit or stand in the box as you wish is great for our teams.

– Moritz Schubert, Head of Brand Partnerships, OMR

HUUS perfectly complements our dynamic workspaces for our community of 3,500 members. The boxes create important areas for focus and collaboration in our large, open spaces.

– Tala Mortada, Chief Design Officer, Factory Berlin


Why the HUUS boxes?

+ How soundproof are the speakers?

The HUUS boxes combine multiple layers of acoustic materials such as MDF, acoustic foam and wool felt. This ensures a reduction in noise and noise by 29 dB.

+ Are the boxes comfortable even for longer use?

Both HUUS boxes have 4 powerful roof fans with strong air circulation to ensure you always stay fresh. To ensure you don't run out of power during a long call, there are USB and power ports to keep you connected. Bright lighting ensures you stay focused and look good on the call. The HUUS Meet has an electric sit-stand table and comfortable, wide seats that can be folded away for more space when standing. The HUUS One has a folding table and an adjustable table system that allows you to individually adjust the height and position of the table and accessories. This makes the boxes comfortable for all body sizes and ideal for sitting or standing.

+ How much will I save if I choose the boxes?

The boxes save you real estate costs. They are compact and flexible and can therefore open up unused areas. With HUUS, meeting rooms that would otherwise only be used by one or a few people are now available for team collaboration. Plus, the boost in productivity and increased team satisfaction bring great value.

+ Do I need a HUUS Meet or a HUUS One?

HUUS Meet is ideal for small confidential meetings (one-on-one meetings, contract negotiations, presentations) and hybrid meetings with the rest of the team. HUUS One is perfect for a person to retreat for focus or an important call. Which product you need depends on your office use and setup. It may make sense to choose a combination of both.

+ How many boxes do I need?

This depends on how large your office is, how intensive the usage will be (e.g. whether teams need time for calls and private focus), and which teams will be using them. We recommend using a HUUS One for 5-15 people and a HUUS Meet for 10-20 people, depending on the number of existing meeting rooms.

+ Can I get a custom color to match my office/design?

We offer our classic boxes in black and white. To further personalize them, they are available in any color in the RAL palette. With the HUUS One, an Ethernet connection, a chair and a dimmer are optional. With the HUUS Meet you can choose between three sofa color options (black, gray, cream), you can add a dimmer and a light temperature control.

+ Do all boxes have height-adjustable tables?

Yes. The HUUS One has a manually adjustable table to be comfortable for all heights and both sitting and standing. The HUUS Meet offers an electric sit-stand table. The seats can be folded to provide more space in standing meetings.

+ Where are the boxes produced?

Our boxes are 100% designed and produced in the EU,

Shipping and delivery

+ What are the estimated delivery times?

We deliver the HUUS One within 4-6 weeks and the HUUS Meet within 6-8 weeks.

+ Do you deliver everywhere?

We deliver throughout the EU.

+ How much are the delivery costs?

We produce and ship from Lithuania to the EU. The shipping costs are €100 for the HUUS One and for the HUUS Meet the combined delivery and assembly costs are €950.

Returns and Guarantee

+ Can I return the box if I am not satisfied?

We offer a 100-day test phase for the HUUS One. If you are not satisfied, you are welcome to return it free of charge.

Since the HUUS Meet is complex to set up, we unfortunately cannot offer a 100-day test phase.

+ What if something goes wrong?

We offer a 2 year guarantee on our products. If something goes wrong, you can simply contact us and we will be happy to help!

Assembly and usage instructions

+ Can I assemble the boxes myself?

The HUUS One can be set up in about an hour with 2-3 people. It comes in 6 prefabricated modules that are easy to assemble. Some modules weigh up to 70 kg, so it's best to have 2-3 people help.

The HUUS Meet is more complex and therefore has to be set up by our teams.

+ Do you offer an assembly service? How much does it cost?

Yes! The setup for the HUUS One costs €295 per box. For the HUUS Meet we offer a combined delivery and setup package for €950.

+ Do I need a specific environment to use the boxes? Are there any restrictions on where I can put them?

Our boxes are pre-wired and just need to be plugged in - so you only need one power connection. A 5m long cable is included so you can find a good spot. The boxes come with felt-covered, height-adjustable feet so you can easily adjust them to uneven floors.

+ Can I move the boxes after they are assembled?

The HUUS One has felt-covered feet and can therefore be moved easily. If you want to move to another floor, you can dismantle and reassemble it.

The HUUS Meet is a more complex and heavier product. So it would be better to choose a place where she can stay.